Shoreline Management Master Program

An ordinance of the city council of the city of Nooksack, Washtington, adopting a comprehensive update to the City of Nooksack Shoreline Management Master Program subject to final approval by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Shoreline Management Master Program Exhibit A  PDF document
Shoreline Management Master Program Part One  PDF document
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The City of Nooksack is undertaking a required Periodic Review of the City’s Shoreline Management Master Program (SMP). This Review is required by the state Shoreline Management Act, RCW 90.58. This page contains information regarding the Periodic Review process, opportunities for public participation during the Review, pubic notifications, draft SMP amendments, and contact information for City staff.

Public Participation Plan

The City has developed a Public Participation Plan, which can be accessed here. The Plan summarizes the City’s public participation goals, outlines the general steps included in the Periodic Review process, and provides contact information for those interested in the Review process.


An early step in the Periodic Review process is to establish the initial scope of the Review. The initial Scoping Notice can be accessed here. Interested parties should submit comments, concerns and/or suggested issues to be addressed through the Review by January 15, 2021. Input may be submitted in writing to Nooksack City Hall or by e-mail to The results of the Scoping process will be presented to the City Council at the council meeting to be held on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Contact Nooksack City Hall at (360) 966-2531 to receive information regarding remote access to the city council meeting.


The following is a general timeline for the Periodic Review process, including anticipated public participation opportunities:

Milestone Timing
Initial Notification regarding Periodic Review December 2020
Initial Scoping January 2021
Preparation of Draft SMP Amendments February through April 2021
Public Review Period April through June, 2021
Hearings June 2021

Draft SMP Amendments and Public Comment Period

As of April 7, 2021, draft amendments to the Nooksack SMP are available for review and comment. The above date marks the beginning of the 60-day public review period required by the Growth Management Act. Comments regarding the proposed SMP amendments are being accepted through June 7, 2021.

Public Hearing

The Nooksack City Council will hold a public hearing regarding the proposed amendments to the SMP on June 7, 2021 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at Nooksack City Hall. Any party may submit written or oral testimony at the hearing. Interested parties should contact City Hall or the City website to receive information regarding in-person and remote access to the city council meeting

Staff Contact

Interested parties can learn about the process and where to find information, and submit comments, by contacting the Project Manager for this project:

Rollin Harper, City Planner
103 W. Madison Street>
Nooksack, WA  98276
Phone: (360) 733-6033

Nooksack SMP Cover April 2021 DRAFT.pdf  PDF document
Nooksack SMP Goals and Policies April 2021 DRAFT.pdf  PDF document
Nooksack SMP Regulations April 2021 DRAFT.pdf  PDF document
Nooksack Shoreline Designations Portrait 11x17 April2021.pdf  PDF document
Nooksack SMP Update Notice (04-07-21).pdf  PDF document
Nooksack SMP Periodic Review Public Participation Plan-1.pdf  PDF document
Nooksack SMP Periodic Review Scoping NoticeAd [12-16-20].pdf  PDF document