The primary mission of the Everson Police Department is to coordinate and lead the efforts within the boundaries to preserve the public peace, protect the rights of persons and property, prevent crime and generally provide assistance to citizens in urgent situations. The Department is responsible for the enforcement of all Federal Laws, Washington State Laws, and City Ordinances within the boundaries of the City of Everson and the City of Nooksack.

The Department must enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitation of police authority and the constitutional rights of all persons. It is not the role of the Department to legislate, render legal judgements, or punish.

The Department serves the people of Everson and Nooksack by providing law enforcement service in a professional and courteous manner and it is to these people that the Department is ultimately responsible.

Link: Everson Police Dept 2022 Annual Report (PDF file).



Whatcom County Fire District #1 is a total volunteer fire department. It consists of two (2) stations. Station #1 is located in the City of Everson and Station #2 at Nugents Corner on the Mt. Baker Hwy, State Route 542.

Each station has about 25 members. The district covers a total of 75 square miles. In addition, we contract fire and aid protection with the cities of Nooksack and Everson. Over the past several years we have averaged about 500 calls per year.