Small-town America does still exist.

"Nooksack", a small city of approximately 1000 residents, with its own city Hall, Mayor, Elementary and Middle school. Incorporated in 1912, the area was first settled in the middle 1800's and was platted as the "Village of Nooksack" on September 16, 1865. The town prospered because families working in the timber and mining industry needed homes and basic necessities the town could provide.

Nooksack has been plagued by fires which occurred in 1906, 1909, 1911, 1913 and 1922 each doing damage to the business district. For many years Nooksack has stayed mainly a bedroom community.

The community of Nooksack has a quiet friendly charm that is inviting to many families. The small town atmosphere gives parents a sense of ease. Dedicated walkers and bikers are a usual sight. Others enjoy quality time in the city park or just take an evening stroll.

Even though Nooksack may not have all the conveniences as larger cities, the peacefulness is worth its weight in "gold". Tranquillity is priceless to Nooksack residents. With the incorporation of the CAP there will be some changes in the future, although these will be implemented gradually. The goal is to keep the small town atmosphere intact.