City of Nooksack Comprehensive Plan and
Development Regulations Updates

Plan Introduction


This document is the comprehensive plan for the city of Nooksack. A comprehensive plan is a legally recognized document that provides a framework for making land-use and other planning decisions. Development of this plan is authorized by RCW 35A.63 ("Planning and Zoning in Code Cities").

Development and periodic updating of this plan is also required by RCW 36.70A, commonly known as the Growth Management Act (GMA). Enacted by the 1990 Washington state legislature, the GMA requires cities in fast-growing counties to coordinate with neighboring jurisdictions in order to plan for future growth while conserving important natural resources and protecting critical areas. Whatcom County qualified as a fast-growing county according to the criteria in the GMA, so Nooksack (as well as all other cities in Whatcom County) was required to complete the comprehensive planning process.ber 2004.

Revisions to the GMA enacted established a revised schedule for updating of local comprehensive plans. The GMA requires that Nooksack (along with Whatcom County and the other cities in the county) update its comprehensive plan by June 30, 2016

Comprehensive Plan and Development
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